The joys of acrylic

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What are the pros and cons of acrylic?

The joys of acrylic

Unlike porcelain, acrylic does not come out of the ground. It came out of a laboratory in about 1930. Its real name isn't acrylic either. Acrylic is the nom de guerre of polymethylmetacrylate, or PMMA, for short. Acrylic also goes by the name Plexiglas or Lucite. Whatever name it goes by, acrylic has quite a few advantages as sink material. It's stain-resistant (meaning your sink will look newer longer), and some acrylic sinks actually come with built-in germ-fighting properties. Acrylic sinks, however, aren't as resistant to heat as other materials, and are prone to scratching and marring, which can dull the look of your sink over time.



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