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Where does the Towel Ring go?

Positioning the towel ring.

According to Wanda Wisselthwaite, winner of the Gold Medal for towel rings at last year's Bathroom Decorating Olympics, a towel ring is typically placed alongside the sink. Many modern towel rings are not rings at all. No, they come in all sorts of stylish configurations that break out of the circle of mundane conformity to add panache, elan and je ne sais quoi to your bathroom's ensemble. And they are practical. Here's a rule of thumb for hanging a towel ring. Try to place the towel ring at a level for those typically using the bath. To achieve optimum towel hangability, leave at least 18 inches between the end of the towel and the floor.

How do I hang towel bars?

Hanging towel bars

Hanging a towel bar may seem a rather mundane matter, and, well, it is, really. Still, there are a few things you need to know to make sure your towels are always well hung. The standard hanging height for your towel bar seems to be 48 inches above the floor. This will leave leave enough space below the bars for towels to hang freely. If, however, you hang the towel bar in a children's bath, place the bar at a height of 36 inches. To add a stylish element to the bath, a double towel bar is an ideal accessory. If you want to add some elan to your family bath, and hang more towels per square foot, put up double towel bars. One other thing: Don't hang towel bars over electrical switches or outlets. (Duh.)

How can I jazz up my bathroom's décor.

Beautifying your bath even more

You could invite a Dixieland band to play for your guests, but that might prove loud and expensive. Not to mention crowded. Here are a few more practical suggestions.

  1. Lay in towels in one or two colors. (Say, one pattern, one solid) Try to make sure that your bath rugs match one of the towel colors, for obvious reasons.
  2. Select a shower curtain to go with your overall décor and bath color scheme.
  3. If you have space over the toilet, you might think about putting up a shelf or two, or an étagère. You can find over-the-john cabinets, so called because they go over the john, in most home centers. If you have an open shelf, then you can display small bath necessities in a creative way in little boutiquey baskets and the like.
  4. You can find nice decorative facial tissue dispensers just about anywhere. As with any bath accessory, try to get a color that goes with other accessories in the bathroom.
  5. Plants and flowers always add a classy touch, as do scented candles and sachets.
  6. Choose and change them according to the season or just go with your instincts. It'll all work out to a more beautiful bath environment.

How do I de-clutter my bath?

Uncluttering the loo

If you have a small bathroom, you can sometimes go a bit overboard in your decorating. This is natural, but can cause your throne room to look a little cluttered. To make sure your bath looks organized and clutter-free, use your best judgment in determining the proper number or accessories for your bath. A general rule is two-to-three counter accessories, such as a tooth brush holder, cup holder and soap dish. If your bath is small, or features a pedestal sink, you should choose mounted styles, or perhaps a glass shelf. Shelves can be a handy, space-efficient alternative to cabinets and are also a good place to display decorative items, such as votive candles and potpourri.

What additional tips do yu have for outfitting a guest bathroom?

More ways to make your guest bath guest-ready

So you have done everything to make your guest feel right at home in the bath. The extra tooth brushes, the bath requisites tucked away in a cabinet or on that darling little shelf you got at the bath center, the wrap-around robes hung on the door hooks with care, the scented candle, the pot-pourri -- you've got it all covered. Or have you?

Did you give the bathroom a good cleaning? And what about a night light? You don't want your guests to have to guess where the light switch is when they get up at three in the AM to…well, you know…You got the extra toothbrushes, but what about mouthwash? Gotta have it. Leave it by the sink with a couple of glasses. Your guests will get the idea. You can put some extra stuff in the shower, like bath gels, disposable razors, different kinds of soaps, shampoos and conditioners. While we're in the area, you might want to put in a non-skid bath mat as a precaution. Showers can be slippery when wet. Your guests too. For when your guests get out of the shower, make available a hair dryer, comb or brush available, just in case they left theirs at home. Finally, a double-sided magnifying type mirror can be a big help in putting the finishing touches on one's toilette.

How do I accessorize a guest bathroom?

Accessorizing a bathroom

The one sure way to show-off your hospitality is with a guest bathroom that will make your guests feel right at home. Here are a few bathroom accessories tips on how to make your guest bathroom into a john away from home.

  • Make sure your guests can see what they are doing. Put in a brighter, full-watted, light bulb (60 watts or higher).
  • If your guests have teeth that they brush regularly, (let's hope that is a hardy Yes!) have extra toothbrushes in case they leave theirs at home. Let them know that brushes are available.
  • Lay in an extra supply of toilet requisites from deodorant to mouthwash to facial tissues. Whatever you think you'd need if you were visiting.
  • If you really want to go all out, you might want to supply a couple of wrap-style type robes, some terry-cloth slippers or house socks.

How do I keep towels off the floor?

No towels on the floor

If you don't want damp, used towels on your floor, stick more towel bars on your walls. Put them up behind the door or over the toilet. The more the tidier. If you have extra wall space put up a towel bar for each member of the family. This way everybody in the family will have a rack of one's own. You can get Hotel-style towel racks at home improvement or bath decorating stores. The colorful, thirsty towels sitting on those extra shelves will add some panache to your bathroom. If you run out of space for towel bars, install a decorative hook or two for hanging a robe or towel near the shower, on the back of the door, or near the sink.

Which type faucet works with a pedestal sink?

Faucets for pedestals

When you pick out your pedestal, you should also pick out a bathroom faucet that is compatible with the faucet holes in the sink top. This is not a big challenge. You have two choices: A 4" centerset or 8" wide centerspread, meaning the distance center to center between the outside holes.

Here's a handy installation tip: Hook up the faucet, drain assembly, and drain plug lift rod to the sink before you mount the pedestal. Then attach the sink to the wall with the bolts provided. Be careful not to over-tighten, or you could crack the porcelain. Now attach the water supply lines and the drain assembly. Turn the water on and check for leaks.

What paper holder options are there?

We're talking toilet paper holders here

Bathroom decorating has come a long way since the old one style fits all paper holder. Today the paper holder has taken its place as an equal member in bath accessory collections. You can choose from a variety of paper holder that are wall-mounted, spring-loaded, pivot and stand free. The type of paper holder you choose depends a lot on your tastes and your needs. For instance, if you don't want to drill into your tile or cabinetry, you might want to consider a free-standing paper holder. If reloading your paper is a hassle, you can get a pivoting spring-loaded holder that you can load with one hand. Now that's convenience.

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