Garbage Disposalogy 101

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garbage disposal

Garbage Disposalogy 101

The kitchen garbage disposal is not known as "the pig" for nothing. They live to grind up leftovers and other food waste so that it can makes a one-way, non-stop trip into your sewage or septic system. When you add a disposal, you need to make sure that your sink has a standard full-size drain opening. New disposal units need to be hard-wired to a dedicated circuit from the breaker panel, if possible. You can hook into to an existing circuit close by, but you need to double check to see that the circuit can handle the load. When in doubt, call an electrician. Many manufacturers sell an optional power kit that allows you to plug the disposal into an outlet. Garbage disposal systems come with different horsepower capabilities (1/4hp, 1/3hp, 1/2hp), reversing capability, and warranty terms. If you have a septic system, you'll need to get a special type of disposer that is compatible with your situation.



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