The advantages of stainless steel sinks

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What are the advantages of a stainlsess steel sink?

The advantages of stainless steel sinks

To be honest, a lot of people go for stainless steel sinks for purely practical reasons. That is, they are very easy to install and they clean up nice. A stainless steel sink is great if you don't mind the fact that they scratch easily and they make running water sound like the kettle drum at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. You don't even want to know what your garbage disposal will sound like. Oh, yes, one other thing you might not like: You can dent a stainless if you drop something heavy on it like a cast-iron pot or a Civil War cannonball. You can minimize these effects somewhat by buying a sink with an undercoating made from thicker gauge metal. The gauge indicates the thickness of the metal. The lower the gauge number the thicker the material. Stainless steel sinks commonly run from 12-23 gauge.



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