The Washerless Faucet and You

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How do I know if I have a washerless faucet?

The Washerless Faucet and You

If your bathroom faucet has only one handle, then you have yourself a washerless or seat and spring faucet. Inside it contains an ball assembly that houses the seats and springs. "What are those?", you ask. Seats are two small rubber cups with holes in the bottom. They sit on top of springs that put them in constant contact with the water-supply valves inside the faucet body. If you see your faucet dripping from the spout, it is probably because the rubber seats are worn.



8/1/2007 7:39:38 AM
Don Romero said:

MOEN brand single handle faucets have a cartridge system and is a very different animal from Delta-style single handle faucets. In theory, they're easy to repair, but the weak point is the retaining clip.. and the probably need for a Moen cartridge removal tool, which at one point was selling for $26. The cartridge itself is also pricey.


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