Removing copper tubes

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How do I remove solid copper supply tubes?

Removing copper tubes

OK. So it's time to put in a new faucet. But first you have to take out the old one. Here's how you do it. You will want to start this process by removing the supply lines that feed water into the faucet. You have a hot line and a cold line. Before you start cranking away with wrench or pliers, you need to shut off the water to the old faucet and open up the faucet. This will empty the supply lines. Put towels or a small rug or blanket down to reduce the agony of working under the sink. (You'll never be able to avoid it entirely). Unloosen the nuts at the shut off with an adjustable wrench. You will probably need to use a basin wrench to unloosen the lock nuts on the faucet. Your old copper tubes should come off right in your hand.



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