The frameless vanity

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What is a frameless bathroom vanity?

The frameless vanity

As you might expect, a frameless vanity cabinet does not have a face frame. Why they are called European we can only guess. Maybe Queen Anne or King Louis liked their vanities frameless. Anyway, the doors are are hung directly on the cabinet box. Here's a little technical trivia you can use to impress a designer. The holes in most frameless cabinets are drilled at 32 millimeter (1¼") increments vertically along side panels. All shelf pegs, hinges, drawer slides, and other fittings are set in these holes. This "32mm" system makes modifying a cabinet a lot simpler. Frameless cabinets offer cleaner, more contemporary look, primarily because door hinges are fully concealed. Finally, on a design note, if you want to soften and warm up the look of your vanity, you might want to use a traditional door style.



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