Modern trends in bath decor

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What are the newestbathroom decorating trends?

Modern trends in bath decor

When it comes to modern bathroom thinking, there are a number of trends top designers think you should know about. For instance, it seems that more and more people are 86-ing the tub from their bathroom in favor of a bathroom shower only set-up. After all, who has time for a bath these days? Along the same lines, another trend is to make the shower space large enough to accommodate two at once or to completely eliminate the need for a water barrier like a door or curtain. One supposes a certain coziness. In these new, larger showers natural light is a much sought after feature. The most common material for the modern-day shower surround is tile, but natural stone, manufactured stone, glass block, glass tile and acrylic are also growing in popularity. In traditional spaces you will see tile and ornamental borders within a neutral, monochromatic color scheme. Contemporary baths, on the other hand, make creative use of stone or stone and tile, particularly mosaic tiles, in artful combinations. Shower doors made of glass can be framed or seamless. The popular seamless doors require thicker glass and are a bit more pricey. Preformed acrylic tubs are high performance, low maintenance and low cost.



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