We're talking toilet paper holders here

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What paper holder options are there?

We're talking toilet paper holders here

Bathroom decorating has come a long way since the old one style fits all paper holder. Today the paper holder has taken its place as an equal member in bath accessory collections. You can choose from a variety of paper holder that are wall-mounted, spring-loaded, pivot and stand free. The type of paper holder you choose depends a lot on your tastes and your needs. For instance, if you don't want to drill into your tile or cabinetry, you might want to consider a free-standing paper holder. If reloading your paper is a hassle, you can get a pivoting spring-loaded holder that you can load with one hand. Now that's convenience.



1/3/2008 4:07:04 PM
dds said:

o.k., but if you've bought a wall mounted t.p. holder, how far above the floor should it be installed? i've got such a small powder room, i don't know where to put it!


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