More ways to make your guest bath guest-ready

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More ways to make your guest bath guest-ready

So you have done everything to make your guest feel right at home in the bath. The extra tooth brushes, the bath requisites tucked away in a cabinet or on that darling little shelf you got at the bath center, the wrap-around robes hung on the door hooks with care, the scented candle, the pot-pourri -- you've got it all covered. Or have you?

Did you give the bathroom a good cleaning? And what about a night light? You don't want your guests to have to guess where the light switch is when they get up at three in the AM to…well, you know…You got the extra toothbrushes, but what about mouthwash? Gotta have it. Leave it by the sink with a couple of glasses. Your guests will get the idea. You can put some extra stuff in the shower, like bath gels, disposable razors, different kinds of soaps, shampoos and conditioners. While we're in the area, you might want to put in a non-skid bath mat as a precaution. Showers can be slippery when wet. Your guests too. For when your guests get out of the shower, make available a hair dryer, comb or brush available, just in case they left theirs at home. Finally, a double-sided magnifying type mirror can be a big help in putting the finishing touches on one's toilette.



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