Accessorizing a bathroom

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How do I accessorize a guest bathroom?

Accessorizing a bathroom

The one sure way to show-off your hospitality is with a guest bathroom that will make your guests feel right at home. Here are a few bathroom accessories tips on how to make your guest bathroom into a john away from home.

  • Make sure your guests can see what they are doing. Put in a brighter, full-watted, light bulb (60 watts or higher).
  • If your guests have teeth that they brush regularly, (let's hope that is a hardy Yes!) have extra toothbrushes in case they leave theirs at home. Let them know that brushes are available.
  • Lay in an extra supply of toilet requisites from deodorant to mouthwash to facial tissues. Whatever you think you'd need if you were visiting.
  • If you really want to go all out, you might want to supply a couple of wrap-style type robes, some terry-cloth slippers or house socks.



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