Leakology 101

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What causes faucet leaks?

Leakology 101

Here's the skinny on kitchen faucets. Sooner or later they will leak; even a quality brand like Price Pfister. Think about how much you use your kitchen faucet. It would be a miracle it didn't leak. A leaking or dripping faucet is no sign for panic. It just means that a part is worn out and has to be replaced, which ain't a big deal, as they say in the trade. Some type faucets are prone to leaking more than others. For example, compression faucets have washers and seals that break down under the constant pressure. Left to leak too long a leaky faucet can lead to stained sink bowls, rusty fixtures, the whole nine gallons. Plus, you'll be wasting a lot of water, which can cause a spurt in your water bill. Disc, cartridge, and ball faucets on the other hand don't have washers, so they tend to hold their water more consistently. This does not mean that they never leak, however. The moving parts in these are sealed by O-rings. When one of these wears out, you will notice leakage coming from the base of your faucet. If you see your cartridge faucet leaking, it most likely means you got a worn or busted O-ring. Don't bother trying to find an O-ring to fix it. Just replace the cartridge with one that is identical. One size does not fit all.



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