Undermount sinks

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What is an under mount sink?

Undermount sinks

Not to put too fine a point on it, but an under-mounted sink goes on the underside of the counter-top. While they take a little more time and effort to install, under-mounted sinks (also called sub-mounted) offer a more cohesive look when the sink and counter-top are made of the same material. You should know that if you have a laminate counter-top, under-mount is not for you. Why? The edge of the counter-top will show. Very tacky, that. So if you want to under-mount, you’ll need to have a stone or solid-surface counter-top. As for clean-up with an under-mount, it’s less of a challenge. Unlike the top-mounted, it has no lip that can get in the way of wiping away spills and crumbs. Finally, here’s one more bit of under-mount sink trivia: You can create a nifty drain board by using a router to make grooves in the counter-top near the sink.



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