Installing an automatic soap dispenser

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How do I install an automatic soap dispenser?

Installing an automatic soap dispenser

An automatic soap dispenser is a great way to clear up the clutter around your sink and always have soap on hand! These babies come in both plastic and metal varieties, so be sure to follow the first rule of do-it-yourselfing: Read the directions.

  1. To start you will need a one-inch mounting hole in your sink top. If one didn't come with your sink, you'll have to cut one with a hole saw equipped with a blade for cutting metal. Don't forget to wear safety goggles while you're working.

  2. Dispensers come with all of the parts that you will need. Put them nearby so that you can get at them easily.

  3. Put a ¼” thick ring of plumbers putty underneath the top part of the dispenser assembly.

  4. After you position the top part of the dispenser assembly in the hole, hook up the washers and nuts underneath.

  5. Once you've secured it, slide the soap container onto the shank under the sink.

  6. Depending on the model of your dispenser, you may have to assemble the plunger and valve assembly. This involves inserting the supply tube into the cylinder.

  7. Lastly, but not leastly, tighten the base of the pump to the sink top.

  8. Now you are ready to fill the dispenser. Just take out the pump assembly, pour in your favorite liquid soap, put the pump back in, and you're ready to wash up a storm.



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