Shopping for a hot tub or spa

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How do I shop for a Jacuzzi or hot tub?

Shopping for a hot tub or spa

Francis Bacon, an early Jacuzzi enthusiast, once said that “Knowledge is power.” That's especially true if you have never shopped for a Jacuzzi before. The best way to acquire knowledge in this case is to ask questions. So here are a few that you should get the answers to before you invest your hard-earned money:

  • What are the spa's specific features?

  • How easy is it to use, and maintain?

  • Does the water always remain hot and when the spa is not in use?

  • Can you adjust the jets and jet systems?

  • Are the jets and pumps loud?

  • Is the filtration system balanced to ensure clean, clear water?

  • Can you access the filters easily?

  • Is the heating and filtration system completely automatic?

  • What about the heater? Will it corrode? If the answer is yes, say no to that spa.

  • Are the controls easy to use?

  • What optional features make owning the spa easier?

  • What are the electrical specs?

  • Is the seating configured to your liking?

  • Can you move around comfortably?

  • How was the spa constructed?

  • What is its energy efficiency rating?

  • Have the spa components been fully tested?

  • Are they backed by the manufacturer's warranty?

  • Is the unit 100% insulated, or only fully-foamed?

  • How much will it cost to run this spa each month? (Roughly speaking).

  • Which parts are covered under warranty and for how long?

  • Are the heater, surface/structure, components, tile and skirt are included? (This is key.)

  • Does the manufacturer's warranty compare well with other brands?

  • Are there any undesirable limitations or exclusions?

Additional tips:

  • Ask for a copy of the warranty and read it carefully. If a dealer doesn't want to do this, take your business elsewhere.

  • Get all the information you can about the spa maker and the dealer. Find out how long they have been in business and ask about their service policy. Ask for references. If you need more information, contact local agencies like the Better Business Bureau, Council on Consumer Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce.



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