Faucets options for hot tubs and spas

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What kinds of faucets are for Jacuzzis?

Faucets options for hot tubs and spas

Basically this is the deal on faucets for your hot tub. You can get any kind you want as long as it is deck-mounted or wall-mounted. These are also known as “concealed faucets” because all their plumbing is hidden, or concealed, behind the tub wall or inside the tub deck. The most common type of deck faucet for a whirlpool is also known as a Roman Faucet, probably because the people who name faucets want you to associate your hot tub experience with the Roman baths. As for handle options, you have your choice of one or two. You can also add a handheld sprayer that comes in a range of styles, from standard to exotic.



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