Installing flexible supply lines

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How do I install flexible supply lines to my faucet?

Installing flexible supply lines

Here's a newsflash for folks living in pre-WWII homes. The old rigid copper supply lines have gone the way of Rosie the Riveter. The entire supply system has been updated: the riser, the nuts, ferrules, compression rings have been incorporated into a flexible hose model that just screws onto to the faucet tailpiece above and the shut off valve below. No more cutting or bending copper, no more kinked lines or out-of-round tubing that won't fit into the shut off. Flexibles come in white braided vinyl or a slightly more expensive metal braided, non-burst model. Most folks will need to buy a ½” (for the faucet tailpiece) x 3/8” compression for the shut-off valve. Hoses range in length from 12”-30”. If you need longer (which is rare), you can connect them with what the plumber's call a “pigtail.”



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