Vessel sinks

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What is a vessel sink?

Vessel sinks

It seems that vessel sinks are the hottest item to hit the bathroom decor scene since 1001 Flushes. And, truth to be told, they are quite elegant. Vessels resemble old-time washbasins with finished inside and outside walls. They are made from Spun Glass, Lead Crystal, China, Fireclay, Earthenware, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel. Vessels are also versatile. Most can be installed in a counter top, while others require a wall-mount bracket. Spun Glass and Cast Iron Vessels can be self-rimming or mounted under-the-counter. Here are a few things you should know before you go crazy for vessels. If you are planning a new home and want vessel sinks, you need to decide this before construction begins. Why? Design-wise, wall-mounted faucets go best with Vessel sinks. Very few vessels have pre-drilled holes for faucets. What's more, deck-mounted faucets for vessel sinks need to be extremely tall to clear the bowl. Therefore, wall-mounted faucet pipes must be roughed in before the drywall is installed. And now a couple of safety consideration: Because vessels generally sit on the counter and are completely exposed, you might not want to put it in a family bathroom, especially if you have young children. Also, if you choose a glass vessel, look for tempered or laminated glass. Plain glass will shatter on impact.



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