Putting sinks on a pedestal

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What are the pros and cons of a pedestal sink?

Putting sinks on a pedestal

Pedestal sinks are so named because the lavatory (also known as the sink) rests on a stand or pedestal. These lavatories are most often made from vitreous china, but are also available in porcelain coated steel and bronze. Pedestal sinks come in styles ranging from contemporary to Victorian. From a design standpoint, a pedestal sink will be the focal point In a large bathroom. In a small bath, their slim profile enhances the impression of spaciousness, or spaciocity, as they say in LA. Pedestal sinks are long on beauty and short of storage space. There is no vanity cabinet involved here. So where do you hide the plumbing? Right. Inside the pedestal, which is secured to the floor. The sink top is mounted to the wall and is supported by the pedestal stand. Before you scrap your old vanity set up for a pedestal, here are a few things to consider:

  • Installing a pedestal is a little more complicated than a regular drop-in or wall-mount lavatory. Getting the plumbing inside the pedestal can be tough, even for a plumber. Also, you need to get your measurements exact so your sink and pedestal fit together precisely. Miss by a little, miss by a mile.
  • If you need storage space of a vanity cabinet, a pedestal may not be for you. You can make up for lost space with shelving or recessed medicine cabinets.
  • Once you get rid of the old vanity you will be most likely need to redo your floor and wall, and relocate your water supply lines. To accomplish this you will first have to turn off the water supply and take out the old fixtures.



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