Beautifying your bath even more

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How can I jazz up my bathroom's décor.

Beautifying your bath even more

You could invite a Dixieland band to play for your guests, but that might prove loud and expensive. Not to mention crowded. Here are a few more practical suggestions.

  1. Lay in towels in one or two colors. (Say, one pattern, one solid) Try to make sure that your bath rugs match one of the towel colors, for obvious reasons.
  2. Select a shower curtain to go with your overall décor and bath color scheme.
  3. If you have space over the toilet, you might think about putting up a shelf or two, or an étagère. You can find over-the-john cabinets, so called because they go over the john, in most home centers. If you have an open shelf, then you can display small bath necessities in a creative way in little boutiquey baskets and the like.
  4. You can find nice decorative facial tissue dispensers just about anywhere. As with any bath accessory, try to get a color that goes with other accessories in the bathroom.
  5. Plants and flowers always add a classy touch, as do scented candles and sachets.
  6. Choose and change them according to the season or just go with your instincts. It'll all work out to a more beautiful bath environment.



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